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Are you tired of looking at the same four walls every day and wondering how you could liven up the kitchen or add some ambience to the bedroom?

Then you need look no further and visit our  one-stop all-you-need Paint Emporium with everything you could desire to add a dash of colour or re-invigorate your home and business.

We have all the latest in colour creation technology and our dedicated paint team are experts in matching and creating the perfect paint for you, we can also mix paints to match existing colours. With the full ranges of  Colortrend, Dulux and Crown Paints and over 5,000 colours to choose from you are sure to find what you’re looking for. Feel free to take home any shade cards so you can see how any new combinations will look on your own walls.

Our team are here to answer any query when it comes to your paint, like what colour shades to use in north-facing as opposed to south-facing room, or to make a room alluring or jovial. They can also talk you through our wide range of associated products and their uses.

  • Colortrend, Dulux, Crown, Paints
  • Choose from over 5,000 colours
  • Full paint mixing technology to match existing colours or create new ones
  • Take shade cards to test the colours in your own home
  • Dedicated paint team to help you choose and create the right colour for you
  • Colour Consultancy and Interior Design  Service  – we can refer you to the experts who will discuss your plans, your favourite colours and ideas for your projects. Find out what are the best options for you for the perfect finish !

To view some of the wide range of paints on offer visit our suppliers’ websites here at  www.crownpaints.ie and www.dulux.ie and www.sandtex.ie

We also carry everything you might need in terms of heavy duty and long lasting exterior paints such as Dulux Weathershield, Crown Weathercoat, Speciality Outdoor and masonry paints. In addition to these we also carry machinery paint, heat-resistant paint and  rust primer.

For varnishing the woodwork in your home, we stock the full range of high quality varnishes and stains from SIKKENS and SADOLINS.  Easy to use products with a professional finish, to make your home look fabulous.


Pat Walsh Paints Sundries & Accessories

Full range of accessories for preparation and application (such as Paint Brushes, Rollers, Sand paper, Fillers, Dust Sheets, and Masking Tapes

We sell products that will cover everything that you need to do before you start painting. We have all the tools you could need in the painting process, and the kit to mask up and protect furniture and carpets while you are working.

There are three main ways to apply the majority of our products, by brush, by roller or spraying.

We stock quality brushes of all sizes from Purdy and suitable for water based and oil based paints, and odd jobs. We have rollers of different sizes and grades from smooth to thick pile to suit the surface you are painting and Wooster Extension Poles to match

Leading Brands : Purdy, Wooster, AllPro, Everbuild.

Good and careful preparation is the key to doing any job well. However great or expensive a top coat is if it is sitting on top of a poorly adhered primer or undercoat on a flaky, dirty or oily surface your paint system will not work. As a general rule make sure the surface you are painting onto is sound, lightly abraded and clean .  We have Fungicide, Caulk and Fillers, Silicones and Cleaners, Turpentine and White Spirits and we can give you all the Predatory advice you need whatever your job is !

Pat Walsh Paints for The Trade

For the Trade customer we  stock a full of range Paints and Materials and we welcome the Paint Trade from far and wide where you will find all your needs with great and friendly service at very competitive prices!

Support your local Painter and Decorator, with years of experience they do a great job !

Industrial Paints for Agricultural, Industrial and Heavy Duty Applications

We stock and supply heavy duty coatings used when the most important consideration is performance. PPG Sigma are one of the world’s leading manufacturers with a great reputation for quality and technical service.

Typical uses include farm buildings, marine, offshore, pipelines, tank coatings, oil and gas – anywhere where the paint has to last a long time in a harsh environment.

We are also Agents for Tikkurila Decorative Paints and Industrial Coatings specialists for – Metal – Wood – Floors

Solutions for Concrete Floors, Design Floors, Windows and Doors, Exterior Construction Elements, Farm Buildings, Furniture and Stairs, Garden Furniture, Steel Structures and Storage Tanks, Roofs and Claddings